Blogger’s Blues

It’s my second to last day in Thailand, and, if I’m lucky, this will only be my third blog post.

I guess I’m going to have to rethink my strategy for maintaining a blog while traveling.

Although from prior experiences I probably should have known better.

First, I was hopeful that internet connectivity would be decent. I’m not sure where that fantasy originated. If wireless sucked in each of the five countries I’ve traveled to in the past couple of years, why would Thailand be any different? I’m normally a very logical person. One night it took over 40 seconds to open Facebook on my smartphone. I strongly suspect my hotel is connected via a dialup modem. Obviously this is not conducive to frequent online updates.

Secondly, I may need to modify my rules on traveling light. Trying to do everything via smart phone is just not cutting it. And because this hotel doesn’t want anyone to see their dialup modem, they don’t offer a computer in the lobby for their patrons like other hotels. So all my cool shots and videos are aging like a fine wine on my digital camera. Next time, I should bring my own laptop – and perhaps look into a different phone. My friends who aren’t using Windows phones don’t seem to be experiencing the same degree of connectivity issues…

Lastly, I forgot how sleep becomes a precious commodity while traveling. Plagued with jet-lag, working all day building homes, then sharing meals and events with the team left me enough energy to watch the Loading icon on my smart phone for less than sixty seconds before passing out. For the first three weeks I was waking up after three hours. I will need to find a balanced approach for writing without compromising too much on sleep. (Of course now that I’m about to come home, I’ve finally adjusted to this time zone! )

For now, I’m going to have to share my experiences from this amazing trip after I return to the US. I am looking forward to being on high speed cable, typing on a real keyboard and editing my photos and videos with a good old fashioned mouse on a screen larger than a credit card!

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