These two got a kick out of having their picture taken, and I loved taking them

Community visit

Our local coordinator took us to a section where people were still living in the shacks alongside Habitat homes under construction. We received such a warm, generous welcome. The kids were fantastic, greeting us with an adorable dance to ‘Gangham style’ artist Psy. Then we … Continue Reading →


Day 1: Habitat for Humanity Philippines

Day 1 Monday We kick off the project with a meet up at our hotel in Quezon City, where our volunteer team of 17 will have our Orientation with the local affiliate coordinators, a Mr. Ving, and Jeremiah (a.k.a. JD). Wireless seems to be working … Continue Reading →


Counting Down

It’s hard to imagine as I sit here in my kitchen, but tomorrow night I will be on a plane en route to the Philippines for my next volunteer construction project with Habitat for Humanity. I’ll arrive in Manila 18 hour later, two days ahead … Continue Reading →

Steve and Dyak Shaman

Dances with Shamans

This post is recent excerpt from the journal of my dear friend, Steve Williams, who left England in his early twenties to see the world. More than 50 years and 192 countries later, Steve’s passion for exploration remains strong, taking him to the most remote … Continue Reading →