Day 1: Habitat for Humanity Philippines

Day 1 Monday
We kick off the project with a meet up at our hotel in Quezon City, where our volunteer team of 17 will have our Orientation with the local affiliate coordinators, a Mr. Ving, and Jeremiah (a.k.a. JD). Wireless seems to be working at the moment, so trying to get this out beforehand.

Of the 17, I already know Steve, Shelley, and Alex from previous Habitat builds. This is a first for me, as I usually am with a new crew each time. It will be a fun reunion as well as a good time meeting new folks.

We travel to the site following the orientation. I’m looking forward to seeing what has already been built of the multi-family complex, and meeting members of the community. I and my roomie Michelle bought some hula hoops and jump ropes that the children will enjoy, especially to show us how out of shape we are.

At 7:23 am it’s a cool 86 degrees with a ‘Realfeel’ calculated at 97 degrees with the humidity. Last night a storm rolled thru the city. We turned off the AC unit to listen to the thunder and pounding rains. Within minutes our room had heated up again. They don’t use AC in,the corridors on each floor, so it pretty much feels like outside as soon as you step out of your room.

Our team lead Shelley got held up at the states and won’t arrive till midday. The affiliate here us so organized in certain things will run smoothly.

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