What is the Slogan That Inspires Your Life?


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If you’ve ever thought of making a major career change or starting your own business, but weren’t sure what to do, here’s a simple process you can try.

It starts with this question:

Describe your most memorable events and the things you loved doing as a child.

Children at an orphanage in Madagascar

Camera-loving kids at an orphanage in Madagascar

By focusing on your earliest passions and curiosities, you’re reaching into the purest part of yourself. The part that was free from the eventual constraints that coincided with you becoming a responsible adult.

This is a useful process, because if you start a business, you’ll go through similar steps to define your company slogan.

Today I’m using this process to answer the Day 2’s question in the 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge:  What is the driving reason behind your desire for a  “freedom lifestyle”?

My answer is based on my fundamental beliefs about life and how it should be lived. In other words, it’s based on my personal slogan.

I’m going to demonstrate how I used this process to identify my personal slogan and answer today’s question.

But first, some background:

As I described in yesterday’s post, Two Common Blocks That Keep You from Your Dreams, my personal dream of a freedom lifestyle is to build a geographically independent business that will enable me to live overseas and travel.

Everyone has their own definition of their freedom lifestyle. Yours is probably different.

Whatever yours is, your personal slogan underlies your idea of a freedom lifestyle.

Example: Applying the Process to identify my personal slogan

Describe your most memorable events and the things you loved doing as a child.

When I was 3, while sitting on my mom’s lap, I covertly opened the car door as my father drove down the highway. I wanted to test my theory that the wind would keep the door from opening very far. I was right. My mom found the unlatched door when we got close to home, and assumed she hadn’t closed it properly (sorry, mom, it was me!).

While most girls my age stayed home and played inside, I chose to spend most of my time outdoors, often with my older brother, playing in the woods, catching frogs, crayfish, or turtles, and trying to raise them in our house. There was such a large world out there to explore, and I loved being in nature.

I remember being intensely curious and eager to learn as much as I could about anything. I did my brother’s 1st grade math homework before I started kindergarten. By the time I reached the 1st grade I’d devoured all the Greek and Roman mythology books in my school library in the first grade. I wrote and illustrated my first book then, about a dog that gets separated from his family and the adventures both he and his owner undergo separately while trying to find each other.

As I analyzed each memory, I noticed a constant theme: Curiosity and Exploration. They apply to both my physical and internal worlds.

This theme had an impact on my career, as I wore six different hats across three industries before arriving where I am now. I’m very unlike my parents and relatives back home. They had secure government jobs they stayed in all their lives. I gave them ulcers when I moved across the country by myself in my mid-twenties.

While I could leave my personal slogan as those two words, Curiosity and Exploration, it would get a failing grade in Marketing 101.  They’re just nouns, with no emotion behind it.

So, here’s my personal slogan, with a little more umph behind it:


Life was meant to be an adventure



Zip-lining in Boca de Sierra National Park, Mexico


Without knowing it, that was my slogan when I was little kid, and one that continues to drive me forward as I create my unique freedom lifestyle today.

If you’ve never thought of it before, I encourage you to try this process. What were the things you loved doing as a child? How have those things affected the decisions you have made throughout your adult life?  

What is your personal slogan?






This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


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