Forget About a True Calling. Focus on Your Superpowers

“I’m so happy you found your calling.”

I remember feeling puzzled when a friend said this to me. We were catching up after my first year of running my consulting business.

What I’d said was, “I love what I do!” And I still do. But, I don’t consider it a calling.

Why? Because there were periods in my prior careers during which I loved what I did.

When my parents were young, the predictable path was find one secure job and stay there until retirement.

That’s not today’s world. Adaptability and transferable skills are more critical to one’s success today than a degree in a particular discipline. Employees move from company to company for better opportunities, or start their own business.

This is why I think the notion of finding a calling is obsolete. Instead, it’s better to find and nurture your superpowers.

How do you identify your superpowers?

#1. Don’t confuse a superpower with something you’ve been trained to do.


We each have superpowers. They are what make us unique. While they may take time to reach their maturity, they come naturally to us.

A superpower is an innate gift. Formal training only enhances or provides an area in which to use it.

For example, while one of my clients has been formally trained as a psychologist, it’s her keen insight and ability to be fully present that makes her gifted in her field.

#2. Be willing to explore

If you’re just starting out, you may not yet know your superpowers. As a high school teenager, I chose my degree in chemical engineering because I was “good at math and chemistry.”


It’s okay to start with what comes easy to you, as long as you also find it enjoyable.

I eventually discovered that my innate skills were in conceptual thinking, recognizing patterns, and being able to take in and process large amounts of information in order to see the Big Picture.

I also realized I needed to apply whatever I learned. I needed to create.

Giving yourself permission to explore keeps you from getting stuck with one definition of who you are and what you’re good at.


#3. Follow your bliss

I hate being bored. While some people enjoy reaching a plateau and then relaxing into a comfortable, predictable, routine; I need variety and challenge to stay alive.


Over the past three decades my career shifted with my interests: regulatory analyst, environmental consultant, database developer, quality assurance manager, and international program manager.

When I left my corporate job in a Fortune 500, it was clear that, although the work would be challenging, it was still just Lather, Rinse, and Repeat at a grander scale.


I created Your Quiet Success to satisfy my desire to help customers directly to achieve their success, to reconnect with my love for writing, and to design a life that honored my needs and preferences as an introvert.

#4. Ask others to identify your superpowers

Having friends and colleagues describe your superpowers can be extremely enlightening, as we can be blind to some of our gifts. They’ll often use words that will describe what you have to offer, better than you could have described yourself.

According to others, my superpowers are:


My ability to help people get clarity on where they want to go, when there are so many options.

My intuition, which enables me to tune into people’s unspoken needs.

My objectivity, which I use to guide people to achieve their goals with a firm but gentle hand.

My ability to stay focused on the long term goal, in order to help move people or projects forward rather than sideways.

#5. Integrate your passions with your superpowers

While I can directly fulfill my passion for helping others within my consulting business, I can indirectly fulfill my other passions.

James, a medical beneficiary of Kids International, has a smile bright enough to light up a town

A portion of the proceeds of my business goes toward my longtime passion of international volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

Conversely, many photographs from my travels serve as banners on my business website.



#6. Keep checking in

Although some people will find fulfillment from a singular path, I’ve learned to stay in touch with how I’m feeling about the business and life I chose, making adjustments where needed.

In a way, you could say that my true calling is simply to follow my bliss.

Are you checking in? What are your superpowers?







This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4


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