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Kids waving farewell at the end of a visit to a Madagascar orphanage

It’s the final day of the blogging challenge. We’ve come to the end of this 10-day journey; it’s time to prepare for my 23-day one.

With just a couple of weeks left before I fly to China, I’m happy to complete this last post and get some time back.


Preparing for the Next Adventure

When I left my corporate job three years ago, I promised myself I would continue to pursue my passions for travel and philanthropy. So my next step is to do just that: volunteer in a home construction project in China, and then spend time touring the beautiful countryside.

I have travel details still left to be finalized, bill payments to be scheduled, and data from my laptop to be backed up. Plus a haircut, shopping, and testing what can actually fit in the carry-on I’ll be living from. I intend to travel light.

I also need to prepare for two communication challenges I expect on this particular trip:

Be ready to travel in a country where English is not spoken


Google Translator. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate?

While I might have some luck in the major cities like Shanghai, I will be in remote areas where the odds are low of finding a native who speaks English.

I’m taking photos and paper copies of the names of hotels, restaurants, cities, and major destination points in Chinese lettering, so in case I need directions I can show people the Chinese names and hope they point me in the right direction.

I’m also testing various translator apps. The coolest one I’ve found lets you use your phone camera to translate pictures of Chinese words into English.


Expect social network and communication sites to be blocked

Ever want to detox from Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Twitter? You can do it there, thanks to the Chinese government.

What about dropping all your dependencies of anything related to Google:  gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Translator? You can’t access any of these in China.

So, I’m downloading the offline versions of Google maps and translator, and basically preparing to not have internet access.


Before I sign off…

I want to say Thank You

I want to take a moment and thank those of you who followed my posts and took a kind moment to Like, Share, or even comment. I really appreciate knowing some of this stuff is getting read. I think that was my most pleasant surprise — seeing that some of you enjoyed my posts.

Also, hats off to Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, digital nomad, and sponsor of this 10-day challenge. Natalie has proven that a location-independent business is not only feasible, it can also be highly profitable and support a freedom lifestyle.

I need to practice what I preach

I should probably follow the advice I give to my clients and celebrate.

Over the past ten days, I am proud to say I have:

  1. Met each day’s challenge on time, regardless of what was happening on any given day
  2. Learned how to progressively work faster and more efficiently to write each post
  3. Gained a better understanding on the demands of blogging and what would be sustainable for me
  4. Resuscitated my Restless Ruth travel blog (finally)
  5. Reacquainted myself with the ancient technology of WordPress without (too much) profanity


Realizing My Biggest Lesson

Of the experience, my biggest takeaway is this: as a recovering perfectionist, I’m always one edit away from falling off the wagon, and I’ll need to apply the lessons I learned in my post about leveraging the flow state.


What was my Favorite Challenge?

Of all the posts, I have to say writing The Adventure Before the Adventure was my favorite because it was so much fun.


My Avatar avatar

My son was my sidekick on that one and helped me write and publish that post in record time: 3 hours ( 2 to create + 1 to wrestle with WordPress).

Not only is he bright, he’s also a talented artist and was able to Photoshop one of my professional headshots to create my Avatar, blue skin and all.



As I head out for my next adventure, I hope each of you find ways to add a little bit of adventure to your lives each and every day.





This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10


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  • alex lobus says:

    well… I read every entry. Had a smile on my face most of the time. You are a gentle calm in stormy situations.
    It makes perfect sense that you do what you do how you do it.

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