Location Independence Isn’t Always Living From a Suitcase

Location independence. To some, it means traveling around the world with their laptop and cellphone. No place to call home, no roots. Living out of hotels and B&Bs.

To others,  it means having a home base and taking a series of separate vacations in different locales.

But I don’t believe it needs to  mean living out of a suitcase.

To me, location independence means having the freedom to move from one place to another with relative ease, staying for as long as I choose.


To me, location independence means setting up shop in a different place and staying long enough to get to know your neighbors.

I’d rather spend time to become integrated with the community, rather than just The Foreigner Next Door.

The world is more interesting to experience as a long term guest rather than as a tourist.


It’s important to me to stay in one place long enough to allow for a healthy balance of both work and play.

Boracay, Philipines. Restless Ruth

I don’t like to feel rushed or that I’m cutting corners.

In order for me to enjoy truly living in a place, there needs to be enough time for both meaningful work and exploration. 
I do believe in setting a tentative date for when to move on. Otherwise, if you believe you might stay in one place indefinitely, there’s a risk that you’ll never get around to fully exploring the area.
For example, I met an elderly Hawaiian in Oahu who’d never seen the beautiful north shores of her island, only an hour away.
Conversely, when you’re living from deadline to deadline, you have a tendency to rush through, checking things off lists as if you’re doing groceries, rather than being fully present and enjoying the moment.

I prefer having the time and space to slow down and appreciate all that I have.

What does location independence mean to you? 
This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9


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