Bye For Now

It’s the final day of the blogging challenge. We’ve come to the end of this 10-day journey; it’s time to prepare for my 23-day one. With just a couple of weeks left before I fly to China, I’m happy to complete this last post and get … Continue Reading →


Surprising Lessons from Releasing My Obsession With Perfection

As some of you know, I’m participating in a 10-day blogging challenge. When I learned today’s challenge was to write about Procrastination, I thought, piece of cake. It just so happens that Procrastination is the bratty little sister of a dear old friend, Perfection. When I … Continue Reading →

Zip-lining in Boca de Sierra National Park, Mexico

The Biggest Risk Is Not Taking Any Risk

“The luckiest people and businesses are those that are prepared to take the greatest risks. We can all create our own luck by taking the necessary risks to open the door to change, progression and success.” —Richard Branson   One of many inspirational quotes from my favorite … Continue Reading →


Using the Flow State to Help You Work Less and Sleep More [Infograph]

I’m at the halfway point of this 10 Day Blog challenge, and frankly, I’m wiped. I thought I could write and publish yesterday’s post during my second creative wind after dinner. It usually comes around 7 or 8 pm. Well, it didn’t arrive until 11 … Continue Reading →


Forget About a True Calling. Focus on Your Superpowers

“I’m so happy you found your calling.” I remember feeling puzzled when a friend said this to me. We were catching up after my first year of running my consulting business. What I’d said was, “I love what I do!” And I still do. But, … Continue Reading →