Feeding Disaster Victims in Tacloban

TACLOBAN, LEYTE, PHILIPPINES. Last week I bought a one-way ticket from Manila to Tacloban, hoping to find a nonprofit organization that could use my help. I’d finished my volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity International, and was looking for a useful way to spend two … Continue Reading →

Tacloban Grounded Ship

Tacloban, Philippines Seven Months After the Typhoon

This is my fourth day in Tacloban, one of the hardest hit areas of Typhoon Yolanda.  Seven months after the disaster the area is like a livable war zone.  There’s destruction everywhere you look, with some areas undergoing reconstruction but just as many that are … Continue Reading →

Post Card

Never Promise Post Cards

Before I left the States I promised some of the sponsors of my Habitat for Humanity volunteer trip that I’d send them a postcard from the Philippines. This, l learned, was based upon a few invalid assumptions:   Postcards are easy to find I should have … Continue Reading →


Philippines Language Tips for Travelers: E-Peace, E-Knit, and Too Big

While traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to be aware of the country’s basic phrases.  Even if your pronunciation isn’t quite right, most host citizens will appreciate or otherwise be entertained by your attempts to use their language. In the Philippines, there are common phrases like … Continue Reading →

These two got a kick out of having their picture taken, and I loved taking them

Community visit

Our local coordinator took us to a section where people were still living in the shacks alongside Habitat homes under construction. We received such a warm, generous welcome. The kids were fantastic, greeting us with an adorable dance to ‘Gangham style’ artist Psy. Then we … Continue Reading →