Travel Photos

[img src=]
[img src=]Taal Volcano, Philippines
[img src=]Guardians at the Grand Palace. Bangkok, Thailand
[img src=]'Singing Bowls' in Wat Pho. Bangkok, Thailand
[img src=]Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. Bangkok, Thailand
[img src=]Habitat for Humanity House. Madagascar
[img src=]Baobab tree. Madagascar
[img src=]Brother and sister near Habitat build site. Madagascar
[img src=]Habitat build crew. Madagascar
[img src=]Plague of Locusts. Madagascar 2013
[img src=]Locust. Madagascar
[img src=]Locust (close up). Madagascar
[img src=]Produce stand in village outside of Antsirabe, Madagascar
[img src=]Roadside outside of Antsirabe, Madagascar
[img src=]Tuk Tuk driver. Antsirabe, Madagascar
[img src=]Me and Habitat construction crew. Antsirabe, Madagascar
[img src=]Sunset over young baobab trees. Madagascar
[img src=]Colosseum. Rome, Italy
[img src=]Street illusionists in Rome, Italy
[img src=]View from inside the Colosseum. Rome, Italy
[img src=]Fresh Fish in local market. Singapore
[img src=]Swimming pool on top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Singapore
[img src=]Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Singapore
[img src=]Indoor gondolas at The Shoppes at Marina Bay. Singapore
[img src=]Shopping at local market. Singapore
[img src=]Super Trees in the Gardens by the Bay. Singapore
[img src=]Window washer atop the Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. Singapore.
[img src=]Royal Family Walk (cultural event) at Incheon International Airport. South Korea
[img src=]Sand crab. Khao Lak, Thailand
[img src=]Ancient medicine murals. Grand Palace. Bangkok, Thailand
[img src=]Buddha in Ayutthaya, Thailand
[img src=]Clothing For Sale. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Sunday Walking Street Fried delicacies. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Habitat volunteers celebrating Yi Peng. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Buddha head in tree. Ayutthaya, Thailand
[img src=]Sunday Walking Street vendor. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Family with baby during Yi Peng. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Elephant Nature Park. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Cook at Sunday Walking Street market. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Social Networking in progress. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Shoe display in Night Bazaar. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Loy Krathong. Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Mild is not an option. Sunday Walking Street, Chiang Mai, Thailand
[img src=]Sky Lanterns. Home and Life Orphanage, Phang Nga, Thailand
[img src=]Seafood Stand in Chiang Mai


  • Kevin Kemp says:

    Wow, great photo ! What type of tree is that? Do you know how old it is? Thanks,

    • Ruth says:

      That is a Baobab tree, found in Madagascar, Africa, Australia, and the Arabian peninsula. Unfortunately I do not know the age of that one; I’ve read that carbon dating is the only accurate way to determine this. One was found to be over 1200 years old. As you can see, these are massive. They’re drought resistant, known to store up to 26,000 gallons in their trunks. I was in awe just standing near them.

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